Food-related health & wellbeing

General Food Industry Development

  • National representation in the UK to all food retail, wholesale and catering organisations. Management of accounts in both manufacturing and retail sectors.
  • Customer liaison on behalf of clients to establish needs and improvements within specialist areas of production and sales.
  • Public relations programmes tailored to client requirements.
  • Qualitative research facility for retailers and suppliers specializing in customer listening groups pulling together like-minded customers to discuss a product, product range or service.

Quality Improvement Initiatives

We design and operate quality improvement initiatives with both manufacturers and retailers. Teams operate independently of the client to identify problem areas and where necessary direct specific guidance. The objectives of the schemes are to improve food quality standards within all areas of production and retailing.

  • Design and control of Quality Management systems for both manufacturers and retailers in the fresh food industry.
  • On-line step by step photographic specifications produced in training manual format.
  • Product flow specification charts to conform to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points Systems (H.A.C.C.P.)
  • Specification management of raw material and finished goods.

Food Standards

The Food Standards Agency is about the entire food industry – from agriculture, food production and consumption, to retail and catering. It looks into food safety issues at all stages of the process, offering information and guidance on the top practices and legal requirements. Eating healthy food is vital to your wellbeing.

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Food-related health & wellbeing

Local preventable health problems are linked to diet and exercise. We have run a fitness programme from 2011. This involves walking and aerobic growing activities so you can improve your healthy food knowledge.

Our landlords have several miles of footpaths through woodlands and meadows, perfect for a healthy walk to get fit or wildlife trail. They also have chickens, alpacas & highland cattle. If you are recovering from a mental health issue please consider us. Getting outdoors and working with plants has been shown to help. You can join our friendly, non-threatening, non-judgemental workplace.

Learning & skills development

Whether you want to experience a workplace or learn about food health or growing from 2010 we can help with classroom and “on the plot” training. We offer training in organic husbandry, soil care, crop care, rotations, year-round harvest, weeds, pest & diseases, wildlife, business skills and community food growing. Our training is either informal or accredited AQA Unit Awards. Qualifications are low cost or free to local residents, volunteering over 30 hours.

Product Services

  • Identifying, organizing and developing specific product marketing requirements for individual product areas.
  • Promotional needs for new product launches, price point and buy again promotions.
  • Range reviews, store audits and footage surveys in all areas of retailing.
  • Merchandising Services - Full on-site representation for clients to ensure maximum exposure of products. Stock replenishment, rotation and after sales service. Customer liaison and demonstration services.

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