Corporate Social Responsibility

Helix Group is committed to ethical policies, practices and initiatives that have a positive impact on our community – both socially and environmentally.

Our Pledge

As a commercial entity, Helix Group aims to take a holistic approach to our CSR pledge that takes into account three key areas – people, planet, profit.

We believe it is critical to:

  1. Be aware of the emerging global issues facing the United Kingdom

  2. Take into consideration our local Borough of Southwark and the residents and businesses who live and work in our area

  3. Be an equal opportunity employer

  4. Engage and communicate with all stakeholders in an open and honest manner

  5. Take account of the part we play in the industries in which we operate; and as a collective strive for improvement for the benefit of the whole (people, planet, profit)

  6. Encourage the advancement of our employees through internal support systems, personal development and the opportunity to grow within the group.